Lives per se


Like a Japanese Benshi – the narrators of silent films – Patrick Corillon handles objects, projects images, lights up his stories of encounters and inner journeys. He slowly builds a form of fiction by stirring together tradition spoken story telling (Benshi, kamishibai, cantastories, etc). His journey-tales bristle with surprises, are fed by anecdotes from his life and childhood. They invite the audience to open up to new thoughts, starting from the tangible and whisking them toward the philosophical. “Inner Lives” is seven performances accompanied by seven artist books which each contribute in their own way to a single universe, intimate and sensitive, erudite and bizarre, which marries high and popular culture, conceptual art and childish plasticine creations.


The River Aptly Named.


How can a mythical river, its name long forgotten, take us back to humanity’s forgotten past and our own memories of childhood?

The Benshi of Angers.


How can an old family house, floorboards creaking and water-marked ceilings, take us on a voyage of discovery to deepest Indonesia?

The Ornemental Hermit.


How can finding a strange art work shock someone so much that they decide to commit to eternal silence?


The Holey Appartment


A cat who hears all our secrets teaches us to speak the languages of the world just by listening to the sounds of nature.

Floating Images


A collection of mere bits of sticky tape, tacked to the stage so the players find their places in the dark, let us see in Technicolour.

Absolute Zero


How doing nothing and staring into empty space can be intense enough to turn us into explorers of the great white North Pole.


The Scarab’s Shadow


Could we believe that our daily life really hold something so surprising as a Fakir snake charmer or a man who sees with his hands?




The abandonned devil



the abandonned devil

The blind

Oskar Serti goes to the concert



Guided Tour - Performance


Like an invitation to the wedding of living art and plastic arts, “An entire world – tout un monde” brings together a never before seen fusion of objects (sculptures, paintings, animations) and spoken tales. The “guided tours” bring up topical issues, and view them from a bygone point of view, based on true historical facts as well as legends, songs or other stories.


Feeling the ocean


A saga of sea-shanties.

Feeling the ocean is the search for the immensity which we so miss, that which perhaps exists nowhere on earth, but at the same time seemed so familiar to us, but so long ago, before it was lost forever.

Great tiny voices


A sentimental history of ventriloquism.

Great tiny voices presents the supposed destiny of ventriloquists, who with their art of speaking “through the stomach” have shifted around society over the centuries: From the holy (oracles and sprites) to satire (court jesters and power rivals) or simply on stage (in theatres or at fayres).

Serial Spells


A savage tour of the legends of the Ardennes.

For over 500 years around Liege, a few square miles were designated a “Free” zone. On the condition that no house was built, one was allowed to gather, pilfer, poach, or even tend the land there as one saw fit. This freedom wrought a singular spirit of savagery into the local people which remains to this day.