The eyes of the landscape

Educational game with painted or drawn works


The eyes of the landscape refers to a text by Petrarch, ‘The Ascent of Mount Ventoux’, in which he describes the landscapes encountered on his journey. A singular feature of this text is that it evokes both the external and internal landscapes (the images and emotions that bubble up inside him).

The eyes of the landscape is a game of skill displayed in a circular box. The bottom of the box contains a picture of a landscape painting. In the foreground, we see a walker whose eyes are composed of two moving balls that must be put back into their holes. One of the balls has coloured letters engraved on it; the other has black letters. Once the two balls are in place, we have to choose the letter that will be at the centre of the eye. The coloured letter challenges us to find five words that begin with it and refer to elements contained in the background landscape. The black letter invites us to think of five words linked to an emotion or memory that the character may have experienced while crossing the landscape.



Each box contains a different landscape. The works (paintings or drawings) representing these landscapes have a direct connection with the place where the animation takes place.



The endless landscape

Graphic interpretation game


After : The Flood, Nicolas Poussin; The Fall of Icarus, Pieter Bruegel; Landscape with Saint Jerome, Joachim Patinir; The Tempest, Giorgione; The Lestrygons, Roman period.



The colours of the landscape

Combination game