Procuction and artistic team



"The grid" is produced by

, a production, distribution and mediation house in contemporary art, Lille (FR).

"The journey of the puddle" is produced by the Jan Michalski Foundation for Writing and Literature.


The other projects are produced by CORRIDOR, a performing arts house based in Liège.


"The Grid" was drawn by Laurette Lesage after John Constable's "The Cenotaph in Memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds".

"The Journey of the Puddle" was painted by Emma Werth after William Morris' wallpaper motifs, "Acanthus" and an untitled motif by Adam Verneuil.

The cubes in "Hearts of stone" were painted by Axel Serveaux after various motifs by modernist painters.
"Mountain cirque" was woven by Coline Firket.

The beads of "Downside up" were modelled by Valérie Perin after original seeds.

The images of the "endless landscape" and the "eyes of the landscape" were painted by Laura Lorente Ruipérez after : Nicolas Poussin: The Flood, Landscape with a Man killed by a Snake; Pieter Bruegel: The Fall of Icarus, Landscape with the Flight into Egypt; Joachim Patinir: Landscape with Saint Jerome, Charon crossing the Styx; Giorgione: The Tempest, The Sunset; Roman period: The Lestrygons